Ultraguardian October 2020

Welcome to the first edition of the Ultraguardian! We hope to make this a monthly newsletter for all dealers and customers to help keep the Ultraguard community up to date with company news and system updates. If you know someone who would like to be included in the Ultraguardian circulation, please send their email address to sales@ultraguard-antifouling.com

Ultraguard TCB App Launch

Ultraguard Antifouling has launched its TCB control app for customer use.

The app allows vessel owners to monitor alarm codes and adjust frequencies to technician level with the use of a Windows or Mac laptop.

“Originally the app was developed for use by our technicians and dealers but on speaking to end user customers we realised that there was a desire to allow vessel’s engineers to have access.” Said Chris Ryan, Ultraguard’s Technical Director. “As customer feedback is essential for businesses like ours, we discussed it and decided to release the app to the end users.”

“We expect that most large vessel and fisheries customers will purchase the app as it allows them the flexibility to change parameters in service.” Said Gavin Fisher, Sales Director at Ultraguard. Gavin is also happy that the app allows sales teams around the dealership network to offer customers the system access they require. “It’s always great to be able give customers what they’re asking for.” He said.

Lauterjung Switches to Ultraguard

Ultraguard are happy to announce that Reederi M. Lauterjung have decided to choose Ultraguard to protect the sea water cooling system on their 5700dwt geared tween deck bulk carrier, “Borkum.”
“Reederi M. Lauterjung have an environmentally friendly approach to their shipping business and MGPS have helped them protect their vessels before so they were happy to choose Ultraguard this time.” Gavin Fisher tells the Ultraguardian. “They have previously fitted ultrasonic systems from other manufacturers but recognised the advancements that MGPS and Ultraguard Antifouling brings to the market.” He continued.
The Ultraguard installation will protect the vessels sea chests, strainers, pipe work and plate coolers as well as the vessels fresh water generator.

Reederi M. Lauterjung are based in Emden and run a mixed fleet of coasters, tween-deckers and bulk carriers as well as running a large chartering and ship management business.

MV Borkum

LOA = 108.2M Beam = 16.6M Draft = 6.5M DWT = 5,670 mt


Ultraguard To Protect the MFV Endeavour V

The Lovie family of Whitehills in Aberdeenshire have chosen Ultraguard to protect the cooling system on their new 34m whitefish vessel the Endeavour V.

The new Endeavour V is currently undergoing final fitout in Fraserburgh by MacDuff Shipyards. The hull was built in Poland and towed to North East Scotland where she is being fitted out to full class society standards.

She will be amongst the most modern and hi-tec whitefish vessels in the Scottish fleet when complete and will fish as far afield as Rockall and the Faroes.

The Endeavour V chose two systems to protect the box coolers and sea chests aboard the vessel. An eight transducer UG-08 and a six-way UG-06. A mix of 120w and 100w transducers have been specified to suit the installation.

Ultraguard Sales Director, Gavin Fisher, said: “The Endeavour V is a significant investment in the Scottish fishing industry by the Lovie family and we’re extremely happy that we have been able to provide them with the correct system to protect the vessel.”

New Shetland Vessel Goes for Ultraguard

The Hughson family and Oceanway Fishing Co Ltd have opted to fit Ultraguard to their new vessel, Ocean Challenge LK253.

Built to a Danish design, the Skerries registered vessel is undergoing the final stages of fitout in Donegal before heading home to Shetland to begin fishing.

The 28.5M whitefish vessel is the latest ultra- modern edition to the Shetland fleet.

Shetland’s economy relies heavily on the marine environment and so fitting an ecologically sound system such Ultraguard will help the Ocean Challenge to ensure the seas she fishes are kept clean and can produce the highest quality seafood products for years to come.

Ocean Challenge has been supplied with an Ultraguard UG-08 system to protect the vessel’s box coolers and sea chests.

Ocean Challenge LK253

LOA = 28.5m,
Beam = 8.7m,
Main Engine = ABC 6 DZC

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