UG Series

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The Ultraguard UG Series is the world’s most advanced and powerful ultrasonic antifouling system. It is aimed squarely at the commercial maritime industry and stands at the forefront of years of evolution and development.

Ultraguard can prevent marine growth or biofouling from establishing itself on:

· Hulls

· Sea chests

· Seawater pipes

· Plate coolers

· Box coolers

Whether you’re asking: What’s the best antifouling method? Or: How to prevent mussels growing in seawater pipes? Ultraguard UG Series could be the solution for you.

On hulls, antifouling paint or bottom paint has for years included a whole host of nasty ingredients or layers of microplastics that pollute the environment. Some modern paints have removed the toxins and microplastics from their formula. These work by creating a super slick surface that marine growth struggles to form an initial bond to. This is great in theory but in practice they need the vessel to be moving through the water at speed. If a vessel is slow moving or stationary for any period of time, then these modern paints offer no protection at all. Ultraguard offers protection against marine growth on the hull even if the vessel is completely still and tied up alongside for extended periods.

The need to keep seawater cooling systems free from marine growth such as mussels or barnacles is paramount. Ultraguard is the most powerful, advanced and cost effective system on the market for preventing marine growth in seawater pipes, sea chests, plate coolers, box coolers and strainer basket casings.

Ultraguard is a cost effective alternative to biocides and copper based antifouling systems. It uses high frequency ultrasonic waves to create an environment that prevents the larvae of mussels, barnacles and other marine growth such as weed spores from settling on a surface and beginning their colonisation cycle.

By fitting Ultraguard on your vessel you also remove the consumable costs of copper ICAF anodes and other legacy biocide systems.


With former seagoing engineers in our design team, the UG series has been designed from the start with the operator in mind.


· The UG Series has been built to be fully serviceable by the ship’s staff. No need for shoreside service technicians to make expensive visits to the vessel.


· The UG Series has a modular design where each transducer is effectively a stand-alone system which means that in the even that one transducer is damaged the rest of the system is completely unaffected.


· Panel front, “Traffic light,” LED status indicator for each transducer with option of App based operator software for full interrogation and programming functions.