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Yes. The principles of ultrasonic antifouling are well established. Ultraguard has refined these and built them into a system suitable for the commercial marine market. Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems (UAS) work just as well as other modern forms of antifouling.

No. Ultraguard antifouling systems can be fitted whilst the vessel is afloat. There’s usually no cutting or penetrations required. All the components are fitted on the dry side of the hull, coolers or pipework.

Yes. 100%. Ultraguard emits no pollutants into the marine eco system. Even our packaging is eco-friendly.

Each Ultraguard antifouling system is custom specified to each individual vessel or structure so each installation has a different cost. What we can say is that fitting an Ultraguard system to your vessel costs less than the alternatives and will save you a considerable sum over the vessel’s lifetime. We recommend you speak to one of our dealers or agents who can walk you through the process and give you an idea of costs

No. We do ongoing testing to ensure that the ultrasonic sound waves are not at a frequency or pressure that adversely affects whales and dolphins.

Yes. Many of our customers choose to have the Ship’s crew fit the system. We provide full instructions, including videos, to all customers

Yes. We have a worldwide network of dealers and agents to support customers.

Ultraguard will work on any solid metal or composite hull, pipe or component. It does not work on wooden hulls. If your vessel has a foam or wood cored GRP sandwich construction, then a section of the inner skin and core needs to be removed and the gap built up with solid GRP to enable the transducer to emit ultrasonic waves to the outer shell.

You will still need to protect the hull with a suitable protective coating. Ultrasonic Antifouling doesn’t protect against metallic corrosion or GRP osmosis. We would always recommend a non-biocidal coating on environmental grounds. Ultraguard can extend the lifespan of underwater coatings by keeping them free from growth.

Yes. All Ultraguard products come with a two year warranty against defects or component failures

That depends on the system size. Full specifications are available on the system information pages.

Yes. Ultraguard is designed and manufactured in the Central Belt of Scotland with components mostly sourced from around the UK and Europe.