Clean Ships, Clean Seas

Here at MGPS Ltd we believe that ultrasonic antifouling systems (UAS) offer the most sustainable, ecologically friendly and effective antifouling solutions to the specific problems that the global marine industry faces.


Having first-hand experience marketing and selling several other UAS systems, we decided that to offer the commercial marine market products of the highest quality along with the technical support and logistics they require, the only solution was to manufacture them ourselves.


With that, Ultraguard Antifouling was born!

Ultraguard Antifouling

Ultraguard is designed and manufactured in the UK, mostly within the Scottish Central Belt. The Central Belt of Scotland has an illustrious industrial history from the building of the first working steam ship to the latest high tech manufacturing in Silicon Glen. We have tapped into this unparalleled knowledge resource to produce what we believe is the World’s premier, next generation ultrasonic antifouling system!

Ultraguard Fouling
UG-12 Control Unit