The World’s Premier Antifouling System


The Next Generation

Ultraguard Antifouling brings the next generation of antifouling solutions to the commercial marine industry. Click here to find out more about how our technology works.


Environmentally Friendly

Ultraguard Antifouling is a zero pollution system. No chemicals, metals or poisons enter the marine eco system.

No disturbance

Ultraguard’s operation doesn’t disturb marine mammals.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

With no consumable parts and ease of installation, Ultraguard can give an immediate return on investment and pay for itself many times over during the vessel’s life.


Easy Installation

Ultraguard can be easily fitted to any vessel. The transducers require no cutting or welding to fit and Ultraguard can be fitted whilst the vessel is at sea. No need to dry dock!

Less Downtime

Keeping cooling systems and hulls free of marine growth improves efficiency and reduces downtime.


Microbial Control

Ultraguard is effective at combatting Diesel Bug in Marine Gas Oil and Diesel tanks.

By the Stats

Why you should fit Ultraguard to your vessel.

Zero Pollution
100 %

Even our packaging is environmentally friendly!

Reduce Emissions
0 %

Ultraguard offers up to a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over unprotected vessels.

Cost Reduction
50 %

Ultraguard offers up to a 90% cost saving over a vessel’s lifetime compared to alternatives such as ICAF.